Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Affordable Cosmetic dentistry options in TucsonCosmetic dental problems can be anything from a cracked tooth to staining. When you notice cosmetic dental issues, it’s easy to stress yourself out trying to find a solution to the problem. Depending on the type of cosmetic dental issues you’re facing, several solutions are available to you.

To help you find the best solution to your cosmetic dental issues, you’ll need to get an x-ray of your teeth done. After the x-ray is complete, you can proceed with getting your teeth corrected.

Many people choose cosmetic dental correction over other dental surgery forms because it costs significantly less, and these procedures generally take less time to complete than full-blown surgery.

The causes of dental issues

Everything from decay, cavities, and excessive damage can cause your teeth to lose their strength and clean appearance. When this begins to happen, you’ll likely need to undergo some sort of necessary dental procedures. Each basic common dental procedure addresses a specific problem or condition.

If you’re experiencing any dental issues and need help correcting them, continue reading to find out more.

The Most Common dental procedures

To understand what a basic dental procedure is, you must understand what preventative dental care is.

Preventative dental consists of any procedure that aims to prevent the formation of cavities, damage, or infections in your mouth. Once you receive a basic dental practice, your oral hygiene has already succumbed to some minor or significant problem.

Based on the exact issue you’re facing, your dentist will recommend one of a few standard dental procedures to help solve the issue. Below, we will give you a detailed breakdown of the most common dental procedures for general oral health problems.

Affordable cosmetic dentistry options

Keep in mind, all of the cosmetic dental procedures we mention below only address aesthetic issues with your teeth. None of them will resolve underlying structural problems, so you need to seek another solution if you’re experiencing decay or cavity formation.

With all of that being said, it’s time to look at the top cosmetic dentistry options available:

  • Dental Bonding– Dental bonding is a process by which material is applied to any cracks or broken tooth pieces. Dental bonding is a simple process, and it’s very cost-effective. Not to mention, dental bonding lasts for a long time, so you won’t need to have work re-done.
  • Dental Crowns- Dental crowns are similar to dental fillings; however, instead of filling in removed sections of your teeth, a crown will be placed over your teeth’ reinforced structure. Dental crowns are long-lasting and very simple to perform, so they are recommended over other cosmetic dental surgery forms.
  • Dental Fillings– if your teeth have been damaged by severe tooth decay, dental fillings are the answer. Dental fillings replace removed sections of your teeth with filler material to prevent further tooth decay.
  • Veneers– Veneers are thin porcelain sheets placed over damaged teeth to make them appear brighter and more aligned.
  • Teeth Whitening– Teeth whitening is a process used to remove stains and discoloration from teeth. Smokers and people with abrasive eating habits can benefit from teeth whitening.

Fixing aesthetic dental issues

Before you can proceed with any cosmetic dental procedure, you must first address the exact issue. To do so, you should go into your dentist’s office and ask them to perform an x-ray. Once the x-ray is complete, you will be able to obtain a full diagnosis of your condition so you can choose the appropriate cosmetic dental procedure to fix it.

People Also Ask

Q: What is the average cost of cosmetic dentistry?
A: The average cost of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as crowns and inlays is about $600-$1,200 per tooth.

Q: What is the cheapest way to fix your teeth?
A: dentures are the most affordable way to fix oral cosmetic issues. Dentures require no surgery and can are made relatively quickly.

Q: What is the best cosmetic dental procedure?
A: the best cosmetic dental procedures include: dental veneers, tooth bleaching, and braces.

Understanding what affordable cosmetic dentistry options you have

We’ve covered all of the essential facts and information you need to know about cosmetic dental procedures. Use the tips we’ve given you to repair your dental issues as soon as possible. For more information on our services contact Dr. Dalesandro today.

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