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dental services involving technology.


Caries Detection

A major detection in caries diagnosis is the Diagnodent Instrument! A pen-like probe emits a harmless laser light that reaches where your brush or our exploring instrument cannot, the bottom of the grooves on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. The Diagnodent can tell us if there is hidden decay at these depths. We now can detect and treat dental disease early and with the least expense to you! All part of our dental services for you.

Radiographs and X-Rays

We use innovative, high quality dental images to diagnose disease early and accurately! The Dexis System is a highly awarded digital radiographic technology. More importantly, our patients benefit from minimal radiation exposure, less discomfort during treatment, shorter appointments, and better understanding of treatment recommendations.

Dexis Radiographic System

Dental Photography

Now you can see what the doctor sees during dental services! Our IntraOral Camera, DexCam, allows us to take color pictures of specific areas in your mouth. We can do this up-close and in detail. This is a great aid in helping patients understand the need for treatment and give them an opportunity to ask questions.

dental xrays during dental services
dental tools used for dental services

Patient Comfort

Nitrous Oxide

You are not alone if you suffer from dental anxiety. We endeavor to aid our patients to be at ease and offer this well-established form of sedation. This anesthetic is in the form of a gas that is breathed in through the nose using a mask that fits snugly over the nose. Nitrogen and oxygen are mixed in a certain ratio to relax the patient and raise their pain threshold. The patient is still able to communicate with us during the dental services procedure. We will monitor you throughout the procedure making sure that physical signs indicate normal reaction to the sedative.

Temperature Control

A dental office is usually comfortable for most patients. But sometimes it may feel cold, especially for the elderly. Blankets are available to help warm you up and make you feel more comfortable during treatment. These are sanitized between patients. So tell us if you are cold and we will take care of you!

dental equipment used during dental services

Dental Appliances

Custom Biteguard/Mouthguard

Superior to stock mouthguards that you'll find at a sporting goods store or online. Our custom guards are more comfortable. They will stay in place, last longer, and fit better. Counteract the affects of stress on your teeth! Grinding and clenching teeth is very common today. Without preventive treatment like this, 80% of Americans suffer the consequences in the way of enamel loss, cracks, injury or death to tooth nerves, and damage to jaw joints. A quick 15 minute appointment for impression(s) and return in a few days for your custom guard! This is an easy way to protect your teeth and save the expense of further treatment. We also offer PLAYSAFE MOUTHGUARDS for sports protection! They give up to 5 layers of plastic protection and come in a wide range of colors. Great for team sports players!

Snore Prevention Appliance

Husbands and/or wives, take heart! When you've tried everything from losing weight to using nasal strips and still snore, a Snore Prevention Appliance may be the answer for you! Silent Nite is a device found to be 85% effective at eliminating snoring. The device is comprised of 2 plastic trays; one covers the upper jaw, and one covers the lower jaw. Attached by special connectors that gently position your lower jaw slightly forward, they keep your airway open and prevent soft tissue vibrations which cause snoring. A questionnaire aids in customizing your appliance. Two dental services appointments, one week apart, and a better night's rest is yours!

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