4 Options for Missing Teeth Replacement

A missing tooth can affect the way your smile looks. The loss of a tooth may result from gum disease, injury, severe tooth decay, injury, or genetic defects. The absence of a tooth can lead to several problems, so consider your options for missing teeth. Are you looking for an excellent cosmetic dentist in Tucson? Drs. […]

Dental Sealants for Adults: Yay or Nay?

Taking good care of your teeth affects everything from your self-esteem to overall health. Everyone should brush and floss their teeth twice daily, but even these careful habits may not be quite enough. Dental sealants for adults, in addition to other expert preventative dental care by Drs. Dalesandro in Tucson, help people everywhere enjoy excellent oral […]

Why Is Flossing Important for Oral Health?

Almost everyone hears that they should floss their teeth at some point. Whether your parents told you when you were young or your dentist recently told you, it can be hard to remember to keep up with it without knowing why it’s so crucial. This article will answer the question of “why is flossing important” […]

How to Prevent Cavities: 9 Tips

Most people have dealt with cavities at some point in their lives. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of time or effort once you learn how to prevent cavities. The team at Drs. Dalesandro, Derickson, & Weege provides expert preventive dental care services in Tucson. 1. Brush Regularly with the Proper Technique […]

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Sometimes fixing dental issues such as cracks and cavities isn’t enough. Our teeth have natural discoloration or gaps that we prefer to remedy if possible. With dental bonding, it is possible to get a beautiful smile with dental material that matches the color and look of your natural teeth. How long does dental bonding last? […]

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