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Adam R. Dalesandro

Doctor of Dental Medicine

I love Tucson. I was born and raised here and have come to really enjoy the people and surroundings. I was raised by Sam and Ronnie Dalesandro who both live here in Tucson. I grew up swimming and playing soccer and was quite an athlete.

I attended Salpointe Catholic High School and graduated in 1997. As you know, I met my future wife Debbie there in Homeroom. We swam on the varsity swim team together and attended prom together our senior year.

It was while at Salpointe that I found my love for Dentistry. During my senior year I took a course that allowed me to observe a professional in our community. I decided to work with Dr. Ronald Quintia, a Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon. During that time I was amazed at what one could do for others and fell in love with the ability to make people happy through the power of healing. Dr. Q. advised me to take business courses because they wouldn't teach you that in dental school.

Off I went to the University of Southern California. I Top Dentist Award for Dr. Dalesandrograduated in 2001 with a degree in Real Estate Finance and Development. The Marshall School of Business at USC is one of the top business schools in the country and I am very proud to have earned my degree from there.

I moved back to Tucson after graduation and worked for a national home-builder. I started in site sales and acquired many tools about communication and interaction with others. As my professional career was blossoming, Debbie had moved back to Tucson and our relationship together evolved to talks of marriage and family. Watching her father, Dr. Derickson, treating patients in his office with such skill and enthusiasm rekindled my desire for Dentistry as a career. It was then that I decided to reinvest myself in school and pursue my doctorate degree in Dentistry.

Debbie and I moved to Glendale, Arizona, where I earned my Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree. Along the way we had two beautiful children, Lincoln and Kason. Although they were born in Phoenix, they will be raised as Wildcat fanatics just like Mommy and Daddy.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with my patients and serve this community that I love. Thank you again for visiting our practice. My number one objective is patient satisfaction and I look forward to serving you.

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