Dental Fillings

If you require a dental filling in Tucson, our team is ready to assist. We are equipped to handle all of your family's dental needs and emergencies with care and expertise.

Everyone wants to have a healthy smile. Knowing that our teeth look great helps us to feel more confident and attractive. Here at Dr. Dalesandro & Associates, we understand how important your smile is to you. This is why we always offer you the highest level of dental care in Tuscon.

Dental Fillings

Restorative dental care is a major part of the services that we offer here. We take pride in helping you to keep your smile looking at its best. Restorative dentistry plays a key role in this. Dental treatments, such as fillings, are sometimes needed, and it's vital to act fast. If left untreated dental problems, such as cavities, can worsen.

What are Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to repair damaged teeth. Decayed, broken, or damaged teeth can have tiny holes develop in the enamel. A filling is used to repair these holes.

Having these tiny holes filled helps to protect the tooth from further damage. It can help to relieve the discomfort associated with decayed and damaged teeth. 

As well as protecting against further damage, the filling also restores the shape of the tooth and helps it to function normally.

Having a high-quality filling performed by an experienced restorative dentist is essential. But how long your filling lasts and how effective it is, also depends on the type of filling you have.

Fillings are available in different materials. Fillings can be made from metal or ceramic, keep reading to discover the difference between the two:

Metal Fillings

Metal fillings were traditionally used to fix cavities. But these silver amalgam fillings can often contain mercury. In the long term, having a metal filling can lead to more dental work being required. This is because the metal fillings can corrode over time. Metal fillings can also cause cracks to appear in the enamel surrounding the filling. These cracks can worsen and the only way to repair them is with extensive dental work, such as root canals.

Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic, or tooth-colored fillings are the dental fillings we really recommend to our patients. We pride ourselves on helping you to make informed decisions about your dental work so that you can enjoy the best results. For this reason, we always recommend you choose ceramic fillings. 

Choosing ceramic fillings gives your tooth a more attractive appearance, as the filling will match your tooth color. As well as looking more natural, these fillings can also help to strengthen the tooth due to the bonding materials used in the treatment.

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