What is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry addresses oral health at every stage of life, particularly in kids and teenagers. 

Family dentists specialize in working with children, much like pediatric dentists, but can also provide the services of general dentists, making them well-equipped to provide dental care to the whole family. 

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Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Comprehensive Care

Family dentists are pediatric, general, preventative, and restorative dentists. Whether your family members include very young children still getting their baby teeth or a more elderly patient needing trusted oral surgery, a family dentist has seen it all. 

From routine cleanings and fluoride treatments to cosmetic dentistry and veneers, our dental offices are well-equipped to care for entire families. 

Longevity of Care

In the world of family dentistry, we often treat the same patient for many years, from childhood into adulthood and beyond. Not only does this allow for better rapport, but it can lead to a better quality of care.

A dentist who is well acquainted with your dental health, oral hygiene, and familial history of gum disease treatment or tooth decay is better equipped to provide appropriate preventative care than a general dentist seeing a patient for the first time. 

As Tucson family dentists, we understand that a treatment plan is most effective when it can be best tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Flexibility and Availability

Because most family dentists provide dental health services to the entire family, they understand the need for flexibility. This applies to everything from the experience of being in the dental office to working with a family’s dental insurance. 

At the offices of Dr. Dalesandro, Derickson, and Weege, we are currently accepting new patients while continuing to offer flexible scheduling of appointments outside of work and school hours, as well as same-day services in the case of a dental emergency.

Family Dentists in Tucson

Here at Tucson Family Dentistry, Dr. Derickson, Dr. Dalesandro, and Dr. Weege are exceptionally qualified Tucson dentists to care for all your general dentistry needs. 

In addition, our staff of Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants are warm and professional. Plus, we serve multiple family members, from young children to adults. Whatever your needs, from preventative care to treatment such as cavity fillings to emergency first aid services for accidents, we do it all. 

The Family Dental Practice Tucson Trusts

Dr. Derickson, Dr. Dalesandro, and Dr. Weege

At our Tucson dentist office, we strive to make our clients feel safe and proud of their smiles! We keep our dental office clean and ready for your appointment. 

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