What Are the Main Causes of Dental Problems?

Why Be Concerned About Your Dental and Oral Health? Maintaining proper dental and oral hygiene is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. Conversely, poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease, alveolar bone loss, and ultimately tooth loss. Compromised oral health, especially for an extended period of time, has […]

What Are Dental Veneers?

What are the benefits of getting veneers? Veneers are an artificial cover that is attached to the front of your tooth to correct any abnormalities and leave you with a beautiful smile. Veneers are an excellent solution to anyone dealing with chipped teeth, a gap between their teeth, extreme discoloration that cannot be fixed with […]

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

What are Dental Implants? Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution and have been successfully in use since the 1960s. Designed to be artificial tooth roots, dental implants have a similar shape to screws and are bonded with the natural bone in the jaw to create a sturdy base to support artificial teeth. With […]

What Is the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Let’s Discuss What is the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth If you are considering the best way to whiten your teeth, it’s important to factor in some variables. This includes what your budget is, the time frame you are wanting to achieve, how much effort and time you are willing to commit to adding […]

How to Know When to Get a Cavity Filled

Even the most diligent brushers will probably need a professional tooth filling every once in a while. If you’ve never had decay in your teeth, you may be wondering when you need to get a cavity filled. What are the warning signs? How urgent is it to have a cavity filled? Fortunately, it’s simple to […]

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