COVID-19 Emergency Availability: Per Executive Order of the Governor we are available to treat your dental emergencies at this time. Please call the office and speak to our staff during normal business hours and we will arrange to see you as is appropriate. After hours emergency care (pain/bleeding/swelling/trauma) is available as usual.


Need a Dentist With No Insurance?

Not Everyone Has dental insurance

Do you need a dentist but have no insurance available to use? If so, then there is no need to worry! Insurance can be expensive and hard to come by, or just a hassle to use, and we understand that. At the office of Dr. Dalesandro and Dr. Derickson, we welcome all cash paying patients, and we even provide discounts for those of you who prefer to pay cash upfront!

Schedule an appointment today for any dental services you may require, whether that is dental implants, cavity removal, cosmetic dentistry, or even full tooth replacement.

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