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CS Design Studios warmly invites you to our Arizona Oncology Foundation benefit to watch StarWars Rise of the Skywalker on Dec 22, 2019.

Galaxy Theaters – DFX Auditorium

7PM Check-in and Photo Ops
8PM Start Time


In a Galaxy theater new you ...

Episode IX
A New Hope... for Cancer Patients

War rages. For millions, it is a battle for survival.

Each day represents a struggle from moment to moment.

But a small band of intrepid heroes has arisen to combat the cancerous plague.

Freedom Fighters from the Arizona Oncology Foundation have turned to CS Design Studios to unite against the rising tide of darkness. Only together with others, such as the Rose Academies, HF Coors Dinnerware, Sea Breeze Carpet Cleaning, Nelson J Greer Painting, and noted individuals such as Al Coronado and Adam Dalesandro DMD, can this small band make a difference in the lives of sufferers throughout the galaxy.

But they must not stand alone. You can make a difference. Stand now to be counted with this Rebel Alliance against the Tyranny of Cancer, and join the fight against our galaxy's greatest enemy!

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Win this Mandalorian Helmet

Mandalorian...even the name strikes fear into the hearts of the Galaxy's denizens. Their ferocity and guile in battle are revered...but their armor is legendary.

And the one piece of a Mandalorian's armor that can never be removed is his helmet: the very symbol of his identity being tied to his warrior's prowess.

Now you can proudly display this iconic piece of Star Wars history by bidding now on this beautiful prop replica of Mando's helmet from the hit new Disney Plus show, The Mandalorian.

A warrior must never remove his helmet. This is the way.

To enter for your chance to win, simply buy a single raffle ticket for $5 or 5 for $20!

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